We deliver both standard and customized training courses from a wide range of technology vendors like Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft...

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ICT Outsourcing

To stimulate and improve your business proficiency, we outsource specialists who are high end professionals and industry certified software developers, business analysts, data scientists...

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We provide a variety of technology solutions which include software development, networking, computer and IT equipment sales, physical security...

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We have worked with these and other organisations on past and current projects: UNODC, ABSA Bank, Telkom SA, SA DoD, SA DSD, Omni Africa,, Security Solutions, Bluedot Connection...

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Courses Currently Running


CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is an IT certification from Cisco. CCNA certification is an associate-level Cisco Career certification.


An MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) is someone who has passed exams about the Microsoft Windows NT operating system, related desktop systems, networking, and Microsoft's BackOffice server products.


A German software company whose products allow businesses to track customer and business interactions. SAP is especially well-known for its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and data management programs. SAP is an acronym for Systems, Applications and Products.

About Us

Wire Speed Systems is a supplier of IT Goods and Services.

We predominantly design, develop and enhance software in multiple coding languages in software development industry. We have to date created skills and capacity to provide fibre solutions including fiber cabling, and training services

We provide the following services: Fiber Optic Solutions, ICT Training, Software development, Software Engineering consultancy, Professional ICT & Managed Support Services, 24hr Support Call center...

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